Brannawen Ravenhart - "In Chanting"

In Chanting started as a project to teach different chants in different ways to many people. Some people like traditional music, others like a bit of rock guitar, and some love a lilting Renaissance flair. We kept all of you in mind. Through the course of creating arrangements and the enthusiastic responses the project evolved into this CD. Please use these as examples of how to add harmonies, rounds, and different instruments, ancient and new to the tunes. The music will take on its own life, and when we hear the music living in our heads, we all sing out like rock stars. In chanting, we all have a voice.

For meditation, dance, solitary use or group ritual, please find what you like and use the recordings or expand on them in your own unique ways. It’s all good.

All songs performed by Beth Trimble with Kirk McWhorter. Music & arrangements by Kirk McWhorter

Chant Titles/Composer Credits

  1. Sacred Way(Abigail Spinner McBride)
  2. Air Moves Us (Cathleen Shell, Cybele, Moonsea, Prune)
  3. Moonlight Queen(Beth Trimble)
  4. Ancient Goddess(Abigail Spinner McBride)
  5. Earth My Body(composer unknown)
  6. Raise Our Hands(Beth Trimble)
  7. Return(Michael Tierra)
  8. Circle Fire Dance(composer unknown)
  9. Cauldron of Changes/We Are The Old People (adaptation of chants by Oothon/Morning Glory Zell and Will Shepardson)
  10. Burn Fire (adaptation of “Burn Bright” by Nicholas Sea)
  11. We All Come From The Goddess – (Z. Budapest)
  12. Hoof and Horn ­–(adapted from the original by Ian Corrigan)
  13. Seven Goddess Chant(Deena Metzger)
  14. Full Moonlight Dance – (Karen Beth)
  15. Singing In The Circle – (adapted from the original by Abigail Spinner McBride)
  16. Kore Chant - (Starhawk)
  17. By The Samhain Fire – (Beth Trimble)
  18. We Will Meet Again (as ritual chant) – (Breid Foxsong)
  19. We Will Meet Again (as memorial chant) – (Breid Foxsong)
  20. Merry Meet (Circle Be Open) – (chant variation by Starhawk)

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